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MSI: discounts on three gaming monitors on Amazon Italy’s Gaming Week

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My new gaming week began. MSI offers huge discounts for three monitors. Let’s see the promotions now available.

The Amazon Italy Gaming Week has finally started. It’s a period of many gaming activities that involve more than one product category. This is a great opportunity especially for those looking to improve their gaming abilities. In this case, MSI offers a set of high quality monitors perfect for those who want to enjoy their favorite video games to the best of their ability.

Let’s see in detail the discounts offered by MSI through the Amazon Italy Gaming Week.

MSI G2712 27 inch flat, 1080p and 170Hz.

MSI G2712

The MSI Optix G2712 monitor has a pixel-rich panel that is ideal for taking the time to understand and improve the colour and brightness of the screen. We are talking about a display that reaches 1 ms in response time, so it can reduce the effect of screen tearing. For those who want to enjoy every gaming scene, this monitor can play the black color better, and even the darkest areas can be more sensitive. Of course, let’s not forget it supports AMD FreeSync, which is effective at preventing stuttering and tearing.

This 27-inch monitor is able to produce a 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 170Hz refresh rate. The best way to enjoy your online competitive gaming session is to use fluidity in a games where great speed is needed.

The anti-flicker technology MSI is 100% TUV-Randland certified and provides a smoother and more pleasant gaming experience. The MSI Optix G2712 monitor has 180 degrees of viewed angle.

The offer for the MSI Optix G2712 is available here on Amazon. The price is 179 instead of 229.

MSI Optix G321CUV, 32-inch curved, 4K and 60Hz, curved, curved, and curved, curved, single-curved, curved, or dual-directional, curved, multi-angle, polymer or biaxial.

MSI Optix G321CUV.

If you want a larger monitor, the MSIs Gaming Week offers the MSI Optix G321CUV. That 32-inch screen reaches 4K resolution and 60Hz refresh rate.

This monitor offers one 1500R-VA curved screen, perfect for more active playing sessions and for applications which are more effective than existing gaming methods. High resolution enhances gaming experience, especially thanks to HDR and Windows 11 Auto HDR. Let’s forget that the screen can help you in a much lighter way improve the black areas for yourself. MSI Optix G321CUV also supports Adaptive-Sync so that there can be no risk of tearing and stuttering.

The MP320CUV monitor also works great with a wide screen and a wide view during play and the workstations.

The offer for the MSI Optix G321CUV is available at this address in Italy, via Amazon. The discounted price is 299, with the cheapest of 150 per cent.

MSI Optix MPG341QR 34 inch flat, 34401440 and 144Hz.

MSI Optix MPG341QR POP 341QR.

If you are looking for an ultra-wide gaming monitor in 21:9, MSI offers a redesigned gaming monitor with Optix MPG341QR. The resolution is 3440 x 1440, with HDR 400, and a refresh rate of up to 144Hz, which makes it the ideal choice for anyone without any compromise between resolution and frame rate.

MSI Optix MPG341QR has True Color Sync, which gives an accurate color rendering when connected to a laptop so that there aren’t any differences in the device. The screen’s IPS panel has a response time of 1ms and guarantees a perfect brightness. Let’s not forget that this screen was based on gaming Intelligence, it’s also known as AI games, and is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync, which cancels tearing and lag.

For those who want to make a perfect gaming screen, but also and above all a tv that’s compatible with the gaming station and its aesthetics, MSI Optix MPG341QR offers a flexible RGB lighting system that also supports lapp Mystic Light. If you prefer, you’ll be able to set your monitor as well as adjust the colors of your computer to the music playing on that computer, and in order to create the right atmosphere for the right occasion.

This address is on Amazon Italy. The pricing on offer is 588 EUR per month per year.

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