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MTG Commander, the legendary dog that served as a popular Fallout companion is made available to him

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In similar fashion to the previous Universes Beyond products, Wizard’ed Sea announced their latest collaboration today: Fallout.

Universes Beyond are special sets that bring diverse IP lands to Magic in cooperation with different studio buildings. The new game, Fallout is based on the popular Bethesda Studios video game.

Dogmeat was revealed to the new Survival deck Scrappy Survivors as leader of this pack. The deck is particularly focused on Enchantment and Equipment, so it’s possible to bring them back from the graveyard. This is a very unusual and unique theme for the Commander deck. However, the game designer won its full flavor.

The best female friend of the year is Man.

I eat the food. Image via WotC.

  • The cost of mana: RGW.
  • Type: Legendary Creature Dog.
  • Rarity: Mythic rare, but he is not.
  • When Dogmeat enters the battlefield, you can just pick five cards. Return to your hand an Aura or Equipment card from my graveyard! If a creature you control is enchanted or equipped attacks, create the Junk token.

For those unfamiliar with Dogmeat – from the Fallout franchise that has survived miraculously postapocapical landscapes such as nuclear disaster. He becomes the players’ best friend and their very most precious ally in Fallout 4. That furry companion has many duties as the player sidekick, such assisting in combat and retrieving items found by local areas. Dogmeat, Ever Loyal.com does exactly that in his new MTG card…

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The dogmeats enter the battlefield, leaving five cards and then return a gun or equipment card to his hands. The doggo allows his own ability to dig through a treasure and find valuable items by first placing the top five of that player’s library into their graveyard. The player then gives his or her best equipment.

Digging through a bang.

That’s a lot of Junk. Image by WotC.

  • Mana cost: $30.
  • Artifacts from Token (Authena).
  • Rarity is common.
  • Ability: TAP, Sacrifice this artifact. Exile the top card of your library to be sold in! You might play that card in this turn. Activate only as a sorcery.

Our four-legged friends second ability brings a completely new item with an advanced mechanic. Once the player attacks with a creature that has been gifted or enhanced, they then create heinous token. Junk Tokens are artifact token’. Players can sacrifice their own to exile the top card of that library! The player is allowed to play the card in this turn.

This new mechanic is pretty good. Firstly, the taps are free; therefore no mana costs is required. Second, since the artefact is in an artwork field. Players have a possibility to activate it on exactly what turned out like that during their post-combat phase of operation for example! Thirdly, it is the pseudo-card drawing we had most seen recently in Red cards. The only drawback is its sorcery-speed limit.

Dogmeat, Ever Loyal is one of only four product lines scheduled to be released in the year 2024. More information on Fallout and spoilers is expected to roll out in the next few months.

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