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Multiple Platforms Take Flight With Gargoyles Remastered

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Disney Games and Empty Clip Studios drop Gargollyles Remastered, a revamped version of the iconic 16-bit sidescrolling action game. It’s now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and GOG. For those who want the tactile sensation, physical editions are available to purchase via Limited Run Games: a Classic Edition and an Old Age Collector’S Edition.

One day, Resurrecting a Cult Classic.

Gargoyles Remastered isn’t just a superficial facelift. It takes the classic video game and his beloved animated series into something more like mutilation, and transforms them into one beast The major mission? Give it a go on the Eye of Odin, an intricately-moved magical artifact that has no problems to develop and improve for anyone who uses it. Jump back into Goliath’s stone skin and enjoy the quest with updated graphics, animation/sound effects from which it came out of an original series.

Toggle through Time!

One of the biggest and most notable features in Gargoyles Remastered is its real-time toggle between traditional 16 bit graphics for old age, as well that modern images are reworked. This is a sweet nod to the 90s series, and an ideal treat for long-time fans. Whether you like to shine through the pixelated landscapes of yesteryear or to play that new coat for your game, it’ll be your choice.

Gameplay is enhanced.

With his unparalleled strength, Goliath now masters mid-air attacks and bombers against the Viking Warriors. This isn’t all. There are various modes that match the gameplay. These include instant rewind in certain tough spots you want to conquer, widescreen adjustments and different difficulty settings for each of your areas at all times depending on your skill level or preferences is important today with modern features such as full-down rewinding possibilities from quick selections ready by timepiece?

Get your books on Physical Editions.

Have you got the piece of this changed legend? For pre-order there are two copies. The Classic Edition is designed for those who want to keep things simple, while the Collectors Edition starts out with a nostalgic Genesis edition that will attract old-school gamers and collector alike.

Is it G-LYFE Nation ready to save the night? Gargoyles Remastered is now available, offering a practical throwback adventure that features modern twists.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

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