MultiVersus is still losing players in the first month of the year


The Fighting Game MultiVersus first launched, and there was much hype surrounding it, and even if someone predicted it could compete with Smash Bros, that is not so bright. Players already begin to start to call the game dying.

It’s all about how many gamers you can use on Steam. Many fans noticed that during January, the fifth month in a row, MultiVersus has lost at least 37 % of its player base. At the end of November, the game averaged 110%, but it has gone down to 1206 people now.

The biggest problem seems to be the lack of new content. In spite of the lack of ranked modes, server problems and identical maps, players has likely declined. Towards the present, MultiVersus is still going through an exciting year, yet it is widely believed that new characters such as the Joker will come in soon, and that will be enough to bring back those who haven’t yet played that game.


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