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MW2 (2009) versus MW3 (2023) Remastered maps comparison

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MW3 (2023) is bringing back the entire roster of MW2 (2009) multiplayer maps remastered, but how well do they hold up in comparison to the iconic original versions?

Many players view MW2 (2009) as one of the best years of multiplayer in call of duty history. In that game many maps are considered the best in all a series of COD games. It’s interesting to see these maps, but with new visuals and gameplay mechanics.

The map is based on the number of sixteen classic 3 maps and how they compare to the versions of the original 3 versions.

Power Grid.

Here is how Call of Duty remastered multiplayer maps with MW2 (2009) so that it could give players familiar but upgraded experience in MW3 (2023).


  • MW3 2023 Copyright (remastered) version.
  • MW2 2009 Original version.


  • Quarry MW3 2023 The remake version comes from a new generation.
  • Quarry MW2 2009 Original version.


  • Scrapyard MW3 2023 remastered version.
  • The Scrapyard MW2 2008 Original version.


  • Favela MW3 2023 Revised version.
  • Favela MW2 et version revival 2009


  • Derail MW3 2023 Remastered Version.
  • MW2-Derailer 2009 Original Version: 1.


  • MW3 2023 Version remastered.
  • Rundown MW2 2009 Original Version.


  • Estate MW3 2023 Remastered Version a new edition.
  • Estate MW2 2009 Original Version.


  • Skidrow MW3 2023 Remastered Version.
  • Skidrow MW2 2009. Version original.


  • A version of Rust MW3 2023, ready for release.
  • MW2 enrique 2009 et version originale version.


  • High-rise MW3 2023 Remastered version.
  • High-rise MW2 2009 Original version.


  • Karachi MW3 2023 remastered version.
  • Karachi MW2 2009 Original Version: 3000 p.m.

Sub Base

  • All Sub Base MW 3 2023 Remastered version.
  • 3 years old original version of Sub-Base MW2 2009.


  • Invasion MW3 2023 Remastered version.
  • The Invasion MW2 2009 original version.


  • Underpass MW3 2023 Remastered Version.
  • Underpass MW2 2009 Original Version.


  • Next step is to complete the terminal MW3 2023 (original) version.
  • Terminal MW2 2009 Original Version.


  • Wasteland, MW3 2023 Remastered version.

Wasteland is unfortunately the only multi-player map MW3 (2023), that Call of Duty has yet to reveal. This is a game players are excited about because it incorporated long-arranged gunfights into its layout.

Once MW3 shows this map as its images, we’ll update this article as soon as possible.

  • Wasteland MW2 2009 Original Version.

This is how the remastered MW3 (2023) maps look about their equivalents.

Most maps of MW3 (2023) are faithful remasters of the MW2 (2009) multiplayer maps. But what changes is the way players navigate these maps due to the updated mechanics of MW3.

These new gameplay mechanics will allow players to reach areas of previous inaccessible maps. The new vantage points of those who don’t even understand the world.

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