MX Linux should receive the Xfce 4.18 update sometime in January


The team behind MX Linux – DistroWatch’s number one ranked distro – said This Xfce 4.18, which was released in mid-December, will be available to MX Linux users in January. The plan is to add Xfce 4.18 to the main MX repositories in January, and then MX-21 users running Xfce will receive the upgrade via the MX Updater program.

Screenshot of MX Linux

“Xfce 4.18 has many benefits, including dual-pane capability in thunar, updates to Xfce, panel, and terminal applications, and options to allow Xfce applications to use the older Xfwm windows theme instead of gtk3-client-side-corations,” said the MX Linux team .

Those who want to try the new Xfce update early, preferably on a free machine, can run the “temporary” development repository. To do this, open /etc/apt/sources.list.d with elevated privileges and add deb temp main to the file. Close the file and run sudo apt update and sudo apt dist-upgrade. This should upgrade the Xfce desktop to the new version.

Since MX Linux uses Xfce by default and the 4.18 update is a major one, the MX Linux team has also decided that it will rotate new ISOs when the update is released in January. This will be nice for users who were planning to install MX Linux as it will come with previous updates already put into the ISO so that users will spend less time doing updates after installation.

If Xfce isn’t for you, MX Linux is also available in KDE and Fluxbox editions. Just turn to Download page and choose which one you want; However, most people will be fine with MX-21.2.1_x64. MX Linux aims to combine elegance, efficiency, stability and solid performance. It is based on Debian Stable so its foundation is solid.


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