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My Happy Marriage is an X-Funny Anime that’s worth a shot

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My Happy Marriage is a romantic anime that will definitely be in your Watch for Summer 2023. From the light-novel series of the same name, it’s set in an alternate version of Japans Meiji Restoration where supernatural powers become common among top Japanese families. She follows the son of the main character Miyo Saimori, who, after the death of her mother, is forced to become a servant of the family she was born into by her fathers new wife and daughter.

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Ignos is an interesting re-telling of the classic Cinderella story, but isn’t a cheap imitation. As a result, it is refreshing because of the interesting world and the passion to character development and the unexpectedly improvised scene of romantic anime that’ve been created in recent years. This story follows Kiyoko Kudo, the main love interest of the story. I was worried that Kiyoko would soon become a very one-sided character in the movie, because the viewers showed very limited views of her personality, but her character has been very well developed so far.

The other characters are believable and help the world look more fleshed out, except for the villains. I suspect this is going to change. At the start, we are introduced to a family who only cares about acquiring Miyo from nefarious reasons. However, if not even prepared well enough for more than one-dimensional bad guys, they aren’t real good guys. If I do have any hope that this movie will have a different outcome, I will take a look at more realistic things of the past.

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The anime is very popular with its beautiful art styles that conveys the emotions of each scene very well. As for me, the attention to detail that is attributed to the characters’ clothing and to the interior of the houses is another favorite element of the artwork. All are very creative. I feel like taking attention to them. As with art, the music is well suited to every scene.

The music sets the mood for each scene very well, sad scenes conveyed convincingly with beautiful voices and music that attracts viewers. Whereas the happiness and life of happy people often have the feel of peace of mind when I have music tracks a few years ago, sound like they could have been in the Studio Ghibli movie. The opening is appropriate for My Happy Marriage and has gained 2 million views on YouTube.

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My Happy Marriage is a summer anime that has earned his place in the AnimeTrendz trending anime chart. Music and art styles are absolutely fantastic, but the story is well paced and with the character and the believable setting make for an anime that has inspired this writer to go on the journey where they will follow the light novel (and manga).

My Happy Marriage is streaming on Netflix.

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