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My old employee commented on Star Citizens’ progress

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Reddits Ryden-55, a former CIG employee, shared his thoughts about the progress of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. According to that ex-CGI employee, although the team has created fantastic systems that work well for the future of gaming, it hasn’t yet stitched it into its own game.

According to Ryden-55, Star Citizen and Squadron 42 both suffer from mismanagement. The former CIG employee believes that the company has incorrectly calculated their trajectory and player spending by 2023 and beyond.

Star Citizen’s future is in a very weird state, too. According to Ryden 55, those who buy the products currently offered by CIG contribute to the play delay by most large quantities.

Ryden-55 used cutlass steel as a measure.

I was there during the sale of Cutlass Steel. I suggested a ceiling figure of that ship based on its capabilities compared to those of the other Cutlass ships and competitors (The Black Cutlass is notoriously undervalued, but still.). Although I was recommended, the price was a hit because the people will certainly buy it, which is a Cutlass.

This is a perfect example of what happens when people vote with their wallets. It makes them realize that it was a bad decision and that they should learn soon. I think this is the key to the whole project. I think that team can deliver key gameplay improvements going forward that encourage players to play and return, instead of trying to send people who have never been willing to fly them. There are some people that play the CCU to buy a $300 ship. That’s ridiculous. I won’t spend a little on the game until the game is delivered, because I became a concierge for 5 years and I don’t want to play this game as it is today, which hurts me because I contributed directly to it and wish it to succeed. I will certainly not test a product that should be released now.

The former employee believes that CIG needs to focus on delivering both Squadron 42 and (at least) high-quality playable patches for Star Citizen. And we completely agree with this. Squadron 42 was first showcased in 2017, six years ago. Of course this single-player mode was nowhere to complete in 2020.

We haven’t had nothing but buggy patches for SC on the live branch for now. The live branch is still available in early access. The dedicated branch will allow you to play with your friends and enjoy all the gameplay loops present without a hint of losing your gear or any new gear or items.

In addition to SQ42, they need to deliver on that project it’s been a long time ago and people are beginning to think it’s not coming out. I have seen progress, I know it won’t be great, but now it isn’t enough and it needs to be demonstrated and an effective goal should be achieved.

For what value it is, Reddits moderators have made sure that Ryder-55s is still strong. That isn’t a random Redditor. He’s a former employee of CIG.

To be honest, this revelation isn’t surprising. We have known that Star Citizen has been mismanaged and that its in development hell. We also know that it uses advanced technologies. And yes, we all know that the CIG is milking this golden cow with its skin and ships. But hey, as Ryden-55 said, why shouldn’t they do that? People buy him and they make much money. If the business is the same, that’s a smart move, but this is, unfortunately, the happiest case.

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