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Nacon releases Two versions of the RIG 600 PRO Headset

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Nacon showed the introduction of two new gaming headsets today and introduced the RIG 600 PRO (which will come on the market next month). This particular design will be a headset designed to solve your financial problems, so its design reflects the demands of gamers—with multiplatform dual-frequency technology that also has the capability to achieve the most high-end acoustics and comfort. At the moment both versions (the HS and the HX) are being earmarked for 100 dollars when it releases on September 18th, 2023.

I have a name: Nacon.

The 600 PRO is a superior 2.4-GHz wireless receiver and Bluetooth for the best-in-class games. It can be played on any device that you like, such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile. As well as its multiplatform compatibility, the 600 PRO is better able to perform, with a chat-optimized microphone that discreetly folds into the earcup when not in use. The integrated change function further increases a versatility, allowing gamers to call and communicate seamlessly with their squad. Get competitive advantage with a high-end low-latency wireless via the USB-C wireless adapter or via the Bluetooth connection for mobile gaming. Choose between Game, Bluetooth, or Dual Mode, which keeps you connected to your game audio via the 2.4GHz dongle and lets you switch with a touch touch to make a phone call and to receive notifications.”

“Experience the legendary Nacon audio quality. The RIG 600 PRO delivers perfectly balanced game audio with 40mm headsets enclosed in a tuned acoustic chamber. Bass-boosted drivers give volume with less distortion. The 600 PRO has advanced acoustic design and reduces the sound quality, making it perfect for intensive sessions or all-day gaming. The lightweight 600 PRO weighs 240 grams (8.6oz). It features quick, comfortable earcups trimmed in breathable fabric, as well as a cushioned headband that’s virtually impossible. Bluetooth connectivity allows users to access the 6000 PRO Navigator app on iOS and Android devices. Pair the RIG 600 o’clock with a mobile device for an easy customization. Select equalizer presets, or customize your sound, and adjust mic sensitivity and monitoring levels to test headsets.

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