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Naoki Yoshida proposes a single platform for video games, would it be a solution?

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Imagine a world where gamers have no obligation to buy new games, that they can always play everything that happens on the market according to their wishes. No PS5 to play Final Fantasy XVI, no Xbox, and no PC to play Starfield, no Nintendo to play The Legend of Zelda: Tews of the Kingdom. Games are a world with one platform to play.

Imagine being a developer and not having to worry about optimizing multiple platforms, just having a strong foundation built up to help them create a better project. De plus, no backrooms are at issue with manufacturers of consoles. The organisers don’t have a single team to curate each platform. No players threatening to kill you because they can’t play your game.

Yoshidas words

Imagine how nice it was to be able to think more than just about Starfield without worrying about the platform the Starfield runs on.

I shouldn’t say so at all, but I wish there were only one platform. We’d better develop as well as become actors. The one advocated by Niko Yoshida, author of Final Fantasy XVI, is a utopia where there would be no console war and the development problems would become infinitely lower for everyone. Prices would be reduced, games would be cheaper and we wouldn’t waste much time talking about hardware and the like, because the platform would also evolve simultaneously for everyone.

The disputed truth is that this world is impossible, so the future is not the case. According to you, it is easier for the video game industry to collapse, rather than a deal will be reached between several players.

As far as I think, there has been a lot of attempts made so far, despite the more than positive reports already gaining attention. Even the service providers are trying to create fences to ensure they are more attractive than their competitors. Can there be some hope now? We’d say no, now that it’s because of what convenience would make the manufacturers like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft to merge their platforms? If the market is not changing, but accentuating the crisis of the traditional system, there is unlikely that anything will happen in the short and medium term.

In short, the single platform is meant to remain a dream. Yoshida isn’t the first to talk about it, but anyone has been saying that as of now, but the real world can only accept it as an impossible wish in spite of the obvious advantages he’d bring.

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