Naughty Dog plans on sharing a lot more about The Last of Us multiplayer this year


Some new concepts teases the last of us more.

Naughty Dog celebrates the 10th anniversary ofThe Last of Us this year and plans on sharing some of the news as part of it. The studio shared the new concept for the multiplayer version of that game that’s in the works, and says much more new news is on the way for 2023.

The last of Usdirector Neil Druckmann published this blog in which he explained about the franchises history and its future potential. The team plans to discuss the future of Last of Usfranchise, and the emphasis on multiplayer.

If you have fun along the way, then we’re going to begin trying the next step, with some details on the ambitious multiplayer Game Last of Us, said Druckmann. With a team led by Vinit Agarwal, Joe Pettinati and Anthony Newman, the project is starting to become a new experience in our studio, but with the aim of providing extraordinary stories, characters and content.

There’s a new concept art for that unnamed multiplayer project, which demonstrates what the team’s work is on. We can see some ruins and murky scenery, but some prefer to see a raging cruise liner. There are some nasty infected, and the odds are high.

Art from Naughty Dog to Naughty Dog.

What’s left of us?

The Last of Uslooks will have a huge year in 2023, starting on an earlier version of more multiplayer news and going to the premiere of the HBO adaptation on January 15. Druckmann says the sequel’s full-back is now coming. The day since the pair moved to the cross-country, we have been seeing each other for a long time.


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