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Nearly 30% of the game time for August six users spent in Baldurs Gate 3 using the Steam app

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In his microblog, Circana analyst Mat Piscatella shared interesting statistics that show the popularity of the dummy game Baldurs Gate 3 on Steam.

Source: Larian Studios.

Recall that last Sunday, August 6, Baldurs Gate 3 has reached 814,6 thousand concurrent users a ninth result of the overall rating of Steam games with the highest peak online.

As of August 6, Baldurs Gate 3 accounted for 27.5% of all games time on the platform that day of August, according to Circana, an instrument that tracks the gamer engagement.

Image Source: Mat Piscatella.

The peak online shareware shooter Valve increased its sales by more than 1.200 million, which is 400 thousand more than the result of the 3 sate Gate from the day of the year.

Piscatella explained that the Circana tracker only covers the American area, where the popularity of CS:GO is lower than Europe. In addition, the levels of top quality online and the time spent in the game don’t always depend on the difference.

From September 5 to August 8, Baldurs Gate 3 had over 25 percent of US steam playtime (image source: Mat Piscatella) (image source:)

According to Swen Vincke, founder and CEO of Larian Studios, this success wasn’t true for Baldurs Gate 3 and was far beyond developer expectations.

The gated Baldurs has been released on August three on PC (Steam, GOG) after nearly three years of early access. Three patches have already been released for this game in a week. The last one made it available on August 10.

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