Nearly half the autoowners in North America pay for FSD-Driver Assistance Systems


Even ambitious-minded Elon Musk has repeatedly admitted that implementing full autopilot on Tesla electric vehicles has proved more challenging in practice than initially thought. By the end of this year, the number of users in North America who use this beta version of the FSD complex should climb to 1 million – but only 285,000 a year, these only were paid for this option for permanent use.

Photo Source: Tesla.

Just as a word is used in the public, there are many Tesla customers who paid for the offer in the North American market a decade ago. The price of the option has been steadily rising, and now is at $15,000, but judging that the customer does not even believe it is difficult to buy. Even if we assume the average price for selling is 18,000. In any case, Tesla might gain at least two billion dollars in this effort from providing FSD to customers.

According to the source, over 1.5 million Tesla electric vehicles have now been sold in North America, technically able to work with the FSD complex. That nearly one in five of the company’s customers in the region has acquired the right to use FSD a commercial basis at a certain time or another. This is a fairly high figure for the cheapest option, and the more progress is made, and isn’t ideal as it is to be in the long run. For the reason that Tesla promised that all electric vehicles of the brand to be completely controlless were in full control since 2016 but in fact car owners should change their computers when making cars of early production periods – sometimes at their own expense – to have access to the option by subscription.

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