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Need For Speed Unbound Volume 4 goes out this Wednesday

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Electronic Arts and Criterion Games revealed the contents of Need For Speed Unbound Volume 4 coming out on September 16th. Some ideas, such as a celebration of Porsche’s 75th Anniversary, a new free Speed Pass, a revamp of the store, a new gift for players, a new Gauntlet Playlist, and more. The developers also gave us the full details, along with the latest trailer. The game will be open in the morning.

Credit: Electronic Arts

  • Celebrate 75 Years of Porsche: Need for Speed, Volume 4. Celebrate 75 years of Porsche with exciting new themed events, cosmetics and customs. Players can take a trip to the Kennedy Test Track to dig the Playlist and smash the impromptu challenge from Linkups. Complend the Porsche Playlist three times, to earn a fully electric Porsche Taycan Turbo S (2022).
  • Shrewsbury: In new Swingstones, players should use their strongest skills to challenge the strongest criminals in the Sea. The cops run the game and steal money in rewards, but if they win the game and pass the game the players will earn massive Bank and XP money.
  • New FREE Speed Pass: Volume 4 features an enhanced 75-level speed pass, offering free items for everyone to stir up the streets. In the pass, race at speed to earn the wildest Legendary Custom Porsche Carrera S (1997) that Lakeshore has seen.
  • If you try to join games, your account will expire in time. Players can also see seven new Linkup locations, like the Kennedy Test Track and the Griffith Construction, and take to the Linkup site quickly. Volume 4 also introduces a whole new set of 20 Daily Challenges, plus 15 new One Shot Challenges, and a refreshed set of 39 Weekly Challenges to earn XP and bank.
  • It’s important that EA Play members test their garage to find the electric neon Countach LPI 800-4 (2021) waiting as a reward.
    • Hip Hop Origins Swag Pack: Come to the streets in the Legendary Custom Mercedes-AMG G 63 (2017) to celebrate the origin of hip hop with the new Hip Hop Origin Swag Pack. This premium pack contains a variety of uniquely designed items, including clothing, a Doberman mask, a driving effect, a special horn and more for $399.
    • Need for Speed Unbound Lotus Exige S Legendary Custom Pack: Available for 9.99 Euros, this pack gives the Legendary Custom Lotus Exige S (2006) (custom body kit and livery) AND a 10-level Speed Pass boost. It will reward players with ten exciting new cosmetic or custom customs items.
    • “For Speed Unbound” – volume 4, this has a price of $5.99 and gives players three new exclusive Custom Builds. “His NISSAN Skyline GT-R Vspec, 1996-09-79, Rachel’s “NISSAN 350Z” (2008), “For Speed Underground 2 and Joe’s “Politstar” (1), 2020-2020″.
  • Want to Take Care of Your Life: Players who have Need for Speed & buy Want for Take Care Of My Life, receive an Exclusive welcome gift. When they arrive, the McLaren F1 (1994) will be ready and waiting for their garage.

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