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Needy Streamer Overload Manga is starting Serialization

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The manga adaptation of Needy Streamer Overload began serializing on December 23rd 2022. This full title is, tinfully translated, Needy Streamers Overload: Absolute Revolutionary Disease: Midnight Streaming Love <3 Ame-chan and Ps 100 Days of Persidence. The mangaka behind it is Choborau Nyopomi. Thank you, Famitsu.

Choborau Nyopomi is a mangaka who specializes in surreal humor. Her previous works include Ai-Mai-Mi and Magical Somera-chan. You can read it on WSS’ official Twitter account. The manga is going to be a slice-of-life comedy that presents the relationship between Ame-chan and Ps differently to the other side of the game.

I’ve got an entire lot of trouble!

WSS playground (@infowssjp) December 23, 2022 2022

The official anthology for Needy Streamer Overload will appear as a tankobon from December 23 to 2022. It will cost 649 JPY after tax, which is about $4.90. This anthology was originally intended as an online exclusive study. Finally, the two wave of Needy Streamer Overload merchandise will appear in the official store. You can buy them until January 20, 2023.

Needy Streamer Overload can be downloaded on the PC and Nintendo Switch and the manga can be read online. To commemorate the anime, as well as to how sales for this game have surpassed 700,000 copies globally, a game is sold on Steam and the eShop.


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