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Neil Druckmann explained why announcing games too early hurt Naughty Dog

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A senior to Naughty Dogas, the creator of The Last of Us and The Uncharted, said that the studios have struggled to reveal the games too early in the past. This is what it is basically because the new PS5 game hasn’t been revealed yet.

Druckmann admitted that showing in Uncharted 4: The End of Wet and the Second-Chief of us two well before they were finished helped us get the games talking, but the issues were too much for the task to replicate.

Druckmann: Your right, we announced the announcement of Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Part 2 well in advance but it actually caused some problems for the work-life balance studio. By delaying announcements a little, we could manage the roadmap differently. But now we can’t understand the way we approach the production. So we are making the multiplayer based on the The Last of Us (the game), and another game that I won’t say anything about but to be very happy with it.

Naughty Dog wants to avoid pressure from the players for long periods, so that, as it happened in the past, the team will continue to be crunchly, and would like to avoid the pressure from their opponents. So the new game is going to be ready to go before it becomes available, but so it won’t be possible that they won’t be in a very advanced stage of development yet.

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