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Neil Druckmann Explains why the last of us TV shows is less abused

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The Last of Us video game is well-known, and it is also for its spectacular story, as well as its brutal sequences that depict the frightening horror of a pseudo-zombie apocalypse. In spite of that, the future The Last of the USA adaptation from HBO will scale back some of the more violent moments from the movie.

Neil Druckmann spoke with the SFX magazine that the creator and naughty dog co-president said that in videogames, more violence needed to get players into Joel’s mindset.

We need a certain amount of action or violence, that we could use for mechanics, so you could connect with Joel and enter the flow state. Then you really would feel like you were connected with this on-screen avatar and youre seeing the world through his eyes, explained Druckmann.

And that doesn’t exist in a passive area. One of the things I liked, especially the first thought that [co-creator Craig Mazin] and HBO talked about so a lot – Let’s go out of violence except for everything that’s required. This allowed that violence to have much more impact than in the game. When you keep an eye on the threat, and you see the people’s reaction to that threat, you make it scarier. And when we remove the infection and the Clickers, we see what destroyed humanity and why everyone is so afraid.

The last of the games will tawle the success of the first game. He joined Pascal and Ramsey with the play, “Old Fate”: As Tommy Miller, “Dumbo” as Joels daughter” and “Meny Tom appoints” as their roles in the video game, from the game he shows with the lead of the resistance group called the Fireflies. It features Jeffrey Pierce (Bosch) as Perry, Murray Bartlett (The White Lotus), as Frank, Con ONeill (Chernobyl) as Bill, and Storm Reid as Riley.

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