Neil Druckmann might have just teased The Last of Us Part 3 a while ago


Maybe the last of us was finally confirmed that the third-part of Part 3 is already going to be done by Naughty Dog.

We’d definitely be curious to find out which kind of story we’ll tell.

Think of this short-form news or you can try to keep reading.

The Last of Us is one of the best-selling games in history; its more than 30 million units sold. In my opinion, Naughty Dog might be able to revisit that one moment. While a new The Last of Us game is technically in development, the multiplayer spin-off isn’t a follow-up. Hence, fans still curious to find out whether Naughty Dog has any resources to devote to a three-part episode, especially because it’s anticipated that TV’s The Last of Us will last at least a couple of seasons.

Important to THR in his continuing press tour of the HBO series The Last of Us, which will hit HBO Max and HBO on January 15, Druckmman shared that “there’s more to tell” in regard to video game matters.

The other day, since you’ve been hearing that of Naughty Dog, it would have to be for the PlayStation 6 if it started by the end of September, and was not on the last of us today, it was.

This is the first time we’re hearing of a possible three-pronged adventure. It’s telling that the same day that Druckmann shared a new concept art for the multiplayer spin-off, and just weeks after rumors that Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us third party. And with the same name, The Last of Us will celebrate its 10th birthday later this year, so what would be nicer way to celebrate its 10th anniversary than to tell everybody that The Last of Us part 3 is coming?

Even though Last of Us Part 3 won’t probably be available until the PlayStation 6 comes out sometime in 2026, a release window is better than nothing.

We wouldn’t mind waiting for another decade to take part in the Last of Us, Part 3. As long as it’s good as first two games.

Let’s see which narrative direction The Last of Us, Part 3 will take. Will this happen many years and a new Ellie go? Or, will the incident of The Last of Us part 2 come true soon? We’re only going to find out what we’re gonna answer to many questions, but for now, we’re going to have to settle for HBO’s The Last of Us, which, according to reports, is one of the company’s most expensive TV shows ever.


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