Neo-Nazi Banned After Creating Chaos On The Galactic Hub In No Man’s Sky

Someone with a username containing “two separate, unmistakable Nazi references” was lately banned from No Man’s Sky for repeatedly sabotaging development tasks on the Galactic Hub. The particular person has been described as a “neo-Nazi” by quite a few different gamers together with the one who based the Galacric Hub, 7101334.

“A neo-Nazi troll is griefing bases in the Galactic Hub and there’s nothing we can do,” 7101334 described on Reddit. “Every single leader of a canonized civilization agrees that Hello Games has failed civilized space with their inaction. The ‘Report Base’ function returns a 500 Error, meaning Hello Games has never seen a single one of those reports and the in-game ‘Block’ function just doesn’t work at all.”


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7101334 described the Galactic Hub as “an 11-region area of space where players build and play together.” This a part of the universe in No Man’s Sky belongs to what gamers name “civilized space.” In different phrases, the Galactic Hub is supposed to be a spot the place individuals can come collectively to pursue widespread objectives like constructing social gathering planets or utopian cities. While gamers have put numerous hours into these development tasks, the “neo-Nazi troll” has been “dedicating excessive amounts of time purely to ruining other players’ experiences and hard work” by burying bases with constructing blocks.

The developer behind No Man’s Sky, Hello Games, stated in a statement to Kotaku that “it’s common sadly for the most problematic players to find ways to have the most offensive names.” The firm famous how “the most effective thing when we see these names are reported to us is for us to report them to the platform holder and have them banned from all games rather than us banning them just from No Man’s Sky. This is our normal course of action. Having said that, the specific player you mentioned has already been permanently banned from No Man’s Sky also.” Hello Games added that “we have a policy of not publicly acknowledging trolls or their methods to prevent encouraging copycats.”

As for the “Report Base” function leading to a “500 Error,” Hello Games attributed this to the truth that bases have been being reported a number of instances. The firm famous that each criticism had the truth is been obtained.

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While the participant in query has been completely banned, many within the No Man’s Sky neighborhood have been left feeling fearful for the longer term. 7101334 identified that Hello Games “has given their community no meaningful tools to counteract trolls. They’ve also shown a total unwillingness to act directly. We’ve filed report tickets for a variety of base griefers, having multiple Galactic Hub staff members file reports, so you know they saw them, and no action has ever been taken.”

“The easiest, least controversial solution would be for them to fix their in-game block button,” 7101334 advised Kotaku. “Currently, it does nothing at all, as far as we can tell.” The participant went on to say that “maybe it blocks someone from joining you, but they can still just warp to the system and get in your session without directly joining.”

“Hello Games’ hands-off attitude towards trolls and griefers including in this instance a neo-Nazi defacing bases,” 7101334 stated, “is harming their community.” The participant described how “their unwillingness to give communities which have established themselves over a period of multiple years the tools to moderate their own space is resulting in a frustrating and unpleasant experience for many people.” And this frustration is simply “for the benefit of a single neo-Nazi troll.”

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