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NetEase Games announces a new studio, T-Minus Zero Entertainment launches

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NetEase Games revealed this morning that they launched a brand new studio – and were introduced to the company T-Minus Zero Entertainment. This company’s headquarters are in Austin, Texas. Those veteran game designers have worked on titles like Doom, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. There was a lot of information about the first project beyond their one-liner that they’re working on “the ambitious, third-person multiplayer game set in a sci-fi universe.” This isn’t the only way they opened their doors, so they’re waiting for them to come. The company is doing the same as today. You can find their jobs through their websites. We have more information about the studio as a whole and a couple of quotes from today’s announcement.

Credit: NetEase Games.

The launch of T-Minus Zero Entertainment.

I think T-Minus Zero has two hundred years experience on the project: Doom, and the Elder Scrolls.

The goal of our studio is to create epic, immersive worlds where players from around the world can play together, informing vibrant and passionate communities. “The team at NetEase Games shares the vision to create memorable and meaningful experiences. That’s why they’re taking the initiative and giving the creative freedom to make our dream truly live.”

“T-Minus Zero Entertainment has been built with an inspiring roster of highly skilled veterans and expert employees who are unrivalled in industry knowledge and passion to create incredibly original gaming experiences. NetEase Games is confident in empowering creators with the ability to build games that can inspire players and evolve their culture. We can’t wait to see how Rich and the team work together; we should be able to help them grow, says Simon Zhu, vice president of global investment and partnership at NetEase Games.

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