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NetEase Games unveiled a new RPG, “Open World”, called “Hugenfly”

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As soon as they presented Project Mugen, NetEase Games launched a new game that went on the market for PC, PC, and PC. The game was developed by Thunder Fire Studio and their new subsidiary studio Naked Rain. The game is basically an urban fantasy open-world RPG and the developers are planning to release as a free-to-play title. They have now taken pre-registrations for the game; but haven’t even revealed we when they want to release it or even if this is the final name of the game. There’s so much stuff waiting for the movers to confirm that he has made a few things. Get your trailer below in the meantime.

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“On a world that resembles Earth, where urban legends become reality and humans coexist with the supernatural, players play the role of an Esper, known as the “Infinite Trigger”. This high-achieve investigative navigates through vibrant cities with unforeseen, supernatural events that threaten the uniqueness of this urban paradise. Players will work with various Esperants, each with their own stories, to tackle the Chaos threatening humanity. Drive deep into the mysteries, explore city life and forge unforgettable memories with your friends. As players navigate the game, they’ll try to recover lost memories, and to challenge many different cities, and to save the world.

  • The urban setting is a free-world adventure. Explore a vast map that offers a rich city life experience. The city consists of neon-lit nightlife, and serene parks. Engage in open exploration, climb skyscrapers, dive in subways and interact with dynamic environments that react to every move.
  • In a team-based combat, one can go there with one to three characters, with different attributes both knowing each other. Convert objects to the armed combat by applying urban surfaces to manage monsters in many situations.
  • Modern aesthetics and ethereal touches, creating a winning artistic position.
  • You can use a Fast-Paced Troll: The character’s basic movements like parkour, swinging or wall-climbing are basic skills. Some characters have a unique travel ability because of their unique identity – like riding a special war hammer. Players also can track and ride vehicles like that in the city.

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