Netflix won’t support HDMI on iOS 16 devices


Apple released the iOS 16 update for a few months to its users. However, the problem that appeared in this version didn’t suit some iPhone users. The new decision in charge of digital rights is a temporary decision. What’s the problem, and have there been any explanations on the subject? Let’s look together at the stories.

iOS 16 which doesn’t run a digital adapter allowing on the streaming of music to HDMI adapter.

After iOS 16 was released, some iPhone users started to share that they couldn’t run streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime via the TV via HDMI adapter. In addition, the reason for this became clear because of the sharing of Reddit users.

The Reddit user learned that it was impossible to watch content from the television by using an HDMI connection to a phone running iOS 16, and that this will not be the case for the future.

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The Reddit user shared the following in his social media account:

I only talked about not working with Netflix after iOS 16. They said they decided not to support HDMI anymore. For those of us who live somewhere, or even only once a year in the distance, but that doesn’t have internet, this is my way to watch content.

This echoes that of Netflix, but all of the other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and HBO Max. Since iOS 16 comes out, it is announced that users can not upload content on the TV with the HDMI support for streaming platforms. This situation has risen with iOS 16 spread and used.

Apple hasn’t made any comment on that matter. A Netflix support team said a few things on the subject a little like this:

If you try to play AirPlay a movie or television show from one of the streaming services on Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3, you will get an error message: This content was incorrectly loading. Try again later. AirPlay, being tested with an iOS 15 yenon device, continues to work with Apple TV and 3 with DRM-restricted content.

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