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Never give up: The fact that the playmakers have the worst 5-year mounting search will unassemble the atmosphere, but fans become affronted

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World of Warcraft players always hunt new mounts that will make their collection really feel a lot better. The player is running out for a number of long years to find a new Battle Battle for Azeroth, so it was finally done.

In an post on the WoW subreddit on Aug. 22, a player claimed they had been chasing a mount for five years and they took nearly 400 attempts to get their hands on it. The one in question is Sharkbait from Freehold, which is dropped from Harlan Sweete’s last boss.

5 years later, and nearly 400 attempts later, im honestly in shock by u/Gravitycat5 in wow.

This mount is currently unknown and its grading is really low, but since many players reported in the news that it took them years and triple-digit number of runs before they could finally call themselves proud Sharkbait owners.

Sharkbait falls on Freehold. Image via Wowhead.

The community was happy for this player, but you could feel a little jealousy in the air, as many people still still haven’t seen the incredible parrot in their collection.

Another one of the players who have a Ww1 role on a regular farm is the Bloodead Crawg from Underrot, which normally drops from Crawg. Likewise, this mount has a less accurate drop rate, and I haven’t seen it at all.

Altairus, then the second boss of the Vortex Pinnacles, may drop Drake of the North Wind, a mount that only had a 0.68 percent drop chance.

If you don’t actively cultivate these mounts, you’ll have plenty of time to get them now and then, especially when you run Mythic+ dungeons for the remainder of season.

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