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New Escape From New York Film Wont Be a remake of the classic

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Radio Silence recently released an update on the films that fans expect from their new Escape from New York movie, which will appear in the novel ‘John Carpenter’.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the trio asked for what fans could expect from the film. According to Tyler Gillett, the trio’s eagerly working on this, although the development of this is not very far away now.

We’re very excited to work together with the 20th Century, said Gillett. We’re developing our take and hopefully it’ll be scripted sometime in the New Year, and just start to lay the groundwork for that. But in the beginning.

Gillett, that film isn’t a remake, commented on how they tried to make the fifth Scream film, said it would be a pity and more of an expansion of the franchise than anything else.

That isn’t a remake, said Gillett. That’s one of the properties that you can’t do that, it’s kind of untouchable to us, and lives in its own sphere in terms of our importantity and our love. I think it will be no different from Scream, or what we love about that world and the characters, as well as their characters that we love.

The original 1981 John Carpenter classic was reintroduced in a future (from 1997 to 1997) where Manhattan had been turned into a large state prison. When a president of the United States crashes into the decaying city, an outlaw was forced to travel to rescue him.


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