New Escape from Tarkov Arena Photographs Showcases, Classes and Modes, Maps, Classes and Modes


Shortly after the wipe, which included Escape From Tarkov at the end of 2022, the development team of the famous shooter published a large number of images related to Escape From Tarkov Arena and discovered a lot of information about the competitive game.

From the gallery posted by Battlestate Games on Twitter, we can finally confirm our position in an open game that’ll allow most experienced players to jump the world class. The game also has different rules: the screenshot shows a free-for-all team deathmatch and a knockout tournament. A feature was created for Call of Duty Clash and featured two-and-a-three users who compete in a mini-tournament. Instead, speaking out on the maps, they confirm the presence of three arenas: Equator (one seen in the screenshots and in the “Eff Escape from Tarkov” announcement trailer), Airpit, and Bay 5.

The last detail shown on the photos is related to classes, as it shows a screen where players can use online currency to unlock an outfit, such as armor, weapons and accessories. In those categories, we find out assault, close combat, and black pepper.

Escape from Tarkov Arena hasn’t yet announced a date, so eh? it will likely not release until the second half of next year.


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