New Final Fantasy 16 works are completed to commemorate New Year’s celebrations


It’s 2023 and everyone from all over the world greeting each other at the beginning of the new year, including game studios. A little more surprise for fans of the Final Fantasy 16 Twitter account.

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In that tweet, we see some new artworks for FF16. Look at him.

Final Fantasy is a franchise that loves for its great storywriting and vibrant locations, but also for its wonderful promotional work. A lot of fans are treated to these art pieces for the game coming soon and games such as Final Fantasy 14. Square Enix does not release regular art pieces for major events and upgrades.

This particular poster reveals Clive Rosfield, the main character of FF16 with his friend, Jill Warrick. The characters were standing on, or the odd shapes, although it seems to be showing something like a wall.

As was announced earlier, the tweet mentions Final Fantasy 16, which is set for June 22. The game is scheduled for release as part of PlayStation 5.


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