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New from Ring: Car Cam offers advanced security for your car

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Ring announced Its Ring Car Cam to help bring the security of its security cameras to the car. Like other devices, the Car Cam will connect to the Ring app on your phone, so if someone tries to break in, you can capture footage that may help the police locate your vehicle if it’s stolen or find the perpetrator if something is stolen from the vehicle. The Ring Car camera is now available for pre-order.

The Ring Car Cam is a pretty advanced piece of kit, it has dual-directional cameras so it can shoot inside and outside the car. Using smart sensors, it can detect break-ins to your car, then it will alert your Ring app so you can respond and you can get live footage. Plus, there’s a microphone and speaker on the camera in case you want to talk to someone in the car from your phone.

“Ring Car Cam connects to your car’s battery and is powered by an OBD-II port, allowing it to detect and record events even when your car is turned off. It connects securely to your car’s windshield and dashboard, and the cable can be neatly hidden out of sight,” said Ring, explaining How the device works. “Wi-Fi connectivity means Car Cam will send real-time alerts to your phone when connected to your home Wi-Fi, while LTE connectivity keeps the device connected on the go (LTE available with optional Ring Protect Go subscription).”

Ring says it designed the Car Cam with a privacy-first approach, for example, when the camera is recording an LED will indicate it’s a video and audio camera. Additionally, there is a privacy shutter on the inward-facing camera that can disable internal video and audio when closed. If you want to use it, there’s also optional end-to-end video encryption.

The Ring Car Cam will start shipping in the US next month but You can pre-order now for $199.99. If you buy now it will be cheaper as the company plans to raise the price to $249.99 once it starts shipping. If you want Ring Protect Go for LTE connectivity, it will cost $6 per month or $60 per year.

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