New Game of Thrones spin-offs haven’t yet launched


Most famous author George Martinthe book cycle which formed the foundation of the series Game of Thrones, said that, until now, no of the concepts proposed for the next era of the show has been taken into play. Although he had successDragon Houses, managing HBO had no chance of giving the green light to new projects. Hence the main reason for that is the merger of the company’s parent company Warner and Discovery. This process appears to result in the reshuffle and revision of the budget, thus making it difficult to make these important decisions. The writer, however, does not fail to tell you that one of the spin-offs can be made up just at any moment. He spoke about a new project in the universe called Kit Harington,who helped lead the John Snow series. According to the actor, a new show dedicated to the heroine will tell about life in exile and the experiences that torment him after the tragic finale of Game of Thrones.


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