New Intel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers fix BSOD and streaming issues in Windows 11 and 10


Taras Buria


December 21, 2022 4:32 AM EST

Broken Windows 11 logo indicating bugs

If you’ve been having trouble streaming video over Wi-Fi from your computer, the latest Intel driver is here to save the day. Intel has released new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers to resolve various bugs and fix an issue that causes blue screens of death (BSOD) on Windows 10 and 11 systems.

What’s new in Intel Wi-Fi driver 22.190.0?

Here are the main bugs related to Intel Wi-Fi 22.190.0:

  • Windows 11: On some systems, video glitches may occur when using a wireless screen projection display in 802.11ax mode.
  • Windows 11 and 10: Some systems may experience decreased downlink throughput performance on 160 MHz channels.
  • Windows 11 and 10: There may be other minor issues affecting the performance, stability or specific functionality of the provider that are not listed above. Users should update to the latest version.

Intel Wi-Fi Driver 22.190.0 is available for Windows 10 and 11 64-bit. The company no longer releases drivers for Windows 7, 8.1 and 32-bit Windows 10. The latter only receives updates to address security vulnerabilities.

You can download the latest Intel Wi-Fi driver from the official website. Full release notes are available Mouth (PDF).

What’s new in Intel Bluetooth driver 22.190.0?

  • On some systems, with simultaneous Bluetooth® connection and streaming with Wi-Fi, a BSOD may rarely appear after a system restart.
  • The Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® driver 22.190.0 has been updated to include functional updates. Users should update to the latest version.

Intel Bluetooth driver 22.190.0 is available for download from the official website. You can find full release notes Mouth (PDF).

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