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New Launch Trailer For the 7th Guest VR is made public

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As of today, Vertigo Games released a final trailer for The Seventh Guest VR. The game is now sold on PSVR, Meta Quest and PC. You can again remember the classic horror mystery title, but in a very different light as this will be right at your place. Enjoy the video below.

Credit: Vertigo Games

“In The 7th Guide, sixguests were welcomed to the foreboding mansion; but something sinister is going on. The rich, savvy toymaker Henry Stauf lies in the shadows and there’re dark power hidden above those beneath secret world secrets. Who is the 7th stipendiary? What does a toymaker want with them? And who’ll live to tell the story? The strangeness of the building becomes more complex. There are dangers lurking around every corner, with any shadow/creap and flickerling light creating recurrent tension in its compositional body space! Delete new rooms and uncover hidden secrets, to keep your emotions in line with the terrible horrors.

  • A technical example:Immerse into an all-life, haunting VR story. By combining innovative and cutting-edge, ghostly video capture with 3D live animations.
  • What the beloved classic sounds like: Experience the classic game with Trilobyte and give life to the original story. The 7thGuest VR brings back characters like Martine Burden, Brian Dutton and Edwards & Elinor Knox. Time to take a peek into the seventh guest.
  • All-new, scratching puzzles with original design. The story is complete with puzzles rooted in the past, with famous artwork showing true-lookingness and historical origin.
  • Dynamic VR environments: The same beloved and feared haunted mansion alive by high-end visuals, optical illusion on the screen with VR powered graphics as well an entire new adaptive soundtrack.

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