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New Legion’s Mechanic Trailer – Lessons Of P Reveals New Legion’s Arms

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Neowiz and developer Round8 Studio released a new trailer for Lies Of P this week, showing off one of the crucial mechanics of the game. To go look for the creator, you have to play puppets for a different story as a spin of the Pinnochio fairy tale. You have an arm that is interchangeable and could be a weapon or defensive weapon. This latest trailer shows all of the things that you can do with your arms and the different mechanics behind them. As the game is set to take off on September 19, enjoy the video below.

Thanks: Neowiz

“You’re a puppet created by Geppetto and caught in a web of lies with unimaginable monsters and untrustworthy figures taking in a mysterious way from the plague of the dead of the evil universe. It’s a mysterious voice that guides you through a mishaping town like Krat, a once rich, by hate and bloodlustful scene. Your souls are so full, you must adapt to untold horrors, unwind the unfathomable secrets of the city’s elites, and decide to defeat predicaments with the truth or weave lies to overcome them on journey to find yourself.

  • A DARKLY ELEGANT and CRUEL WORLD:Unearth the secrets of Krat a place baptised by the era of the Belle Epoque, where timed flourishes due to its puppetry and now sees its streets covered with blood.
  • BATTLE WITH WISTIONAL OUTSTANDS:Uniform combat and terrain: combine dynamic weapon combinations to improve enemy and terrain. A combination of Arms and Legion and new abilities activate and fight enemies and enemies.
  • What’s a tee?:Some times you will be confronted with decisions where you can comfort others in fear or despair by lying or telling the truth. Take your own route.
  • A CLASSIC REIMAGINATION: Experience the popular fairy tale of Pinocchio reinterpreted in a dark, grim narrative that allows players to discover hidden symbols in the world ofLies Of P.

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