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New Pizza Hero Update adds a new Idle Charge Meter, Dash Control and More

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We saw several Vampire Survivors style games hitting mobile platforms before and after the Vampire Survivors came on iOS and Android. For its gameplay, a recent release of Pizza Hero was very interesting. The Pizza Hero has recently been updated for a few more times, due to the feedback from players, and it has been updated for the weekend with new control options and a new mechanic. If you haven’t yet finished the game, read Shauns review here. She launched it, and we also featured it as our week’s Game of the Year. This new update adds a new and efficient charger mechanic, and will earn rewards by staying calm, while adding a Dash sensitivity slider and a dedicated Dash-able button to the interface. Watch the video below about the Pizza Hero:

If you don’t get it, get Pizza Hero for free here on the App Store. You’re going to miss the recent updates and the content of the active forum thread for Pizza Hero, so remember that this game is still early. I immediately buy the remove ads for any app on any game I like, so I am disappointed in the implementation of Pizza Hero. I hope a future update can completely remove ads for those who pay for those who pay for these remove ads in app purchase. Currently, it seems impossible to eliminate ads. The developer also commented on the player feedback in the forum thread, and I want to see how pizza takes over. Have you played Pizza Hero on iOS yet?

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