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New PS5-owners can take a free game for a limited time

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Gamers who were unsure about buying a PlayStation 5 may now get a little more incentive to buy that powerful console – and as such, Sony announced that new owners could get a free PS5 game as part of their purchase for a limited time. The move comes as the PS5 keeps making the world sales records. The console sold 620,000 units in March alone.

Take a number of hits from 12 – 12 o’clock.

Sonys new, limited-time PS5 upgrader program will allow the new PS5 owners to choose a free game from the list of 12 of the greatest consoles. The free PS5 game promotion runs from the 20th October to the 20th of October. Users must complete only one simple step to get their free game. To gain from the deal, new owners will have to activate their PS5 and have a valid PSN account, to become a user of the PlayStation Store, and when they can turn the banner into a page where they can download free the game of their choice.

The games on offer are really good for the PS5. From games like The Sackboy: The Great Escape to Rift and the Spicy of War, to darker fares like the Grateful Ragnarok and Death Stranding, there’s something for everyone. As far as the catalog of games that were available on Sonys recently discontinued PlayStation Plus Collection, the players won’t need to continue the free games and will be able to keep the free game forever. And while the most available games are fairly old ones, they still reflect some of the best gaming options for the PlayStation 5.

With a free game on offer and three new PS5 covers and 3 new controller colors scheduled for the coming months, this is a good time for gamers who have been waiting for Sonys latest console to grab. Even if there’s some fantastic titles made during September’s PlayStation State of Play, a lot of good games can be enjoyed for new PS5 owners, even once they get to pay off their free one.

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