New Star Wars movies could start filming in April


Star Wars seems to have reached full force much sooner than anyone thought: if Damon Lindelof didn’t have any say, it could have been. Around the earliest possible rumors about the next movie in the trilogy era, and with a pre-production beginning this spring.

In the past, Lindelof has been famous for multiple HBO projects. According to the website WorldofReel, he is working with TV scribe Justin Britt-Gibson, and as directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, who most recently directed two Disney+s Ms. Marvel movies.

Along with Ms. Marvel, the director Obaid-Chinoy has found considerable success in Pakistani films. That movie will hopefully follow the success and acclaim that the franchise has found lately with Andor and Obi-Wan (check out our take on the former here) and who’s on Disney+, too.

In October, something was reported saying that the movie was a standalone film that was created in a private writer’s room. It should be noted that while additional movies could be taken care of, the focus is on this specific stand-alone film.

Moreover, sources claim that, while it won’t necessarily focus on characters from the sequel trilogy, they’ll be involved in some capacity. This shouldn’t be as terrible as the Star Wars sequel trilogy, that both sides of the story received mixed response. The Skywalkers is expected to have dropped by the end of 2025. If that release date pans out, it would have been six years since the release of the Rise of Snowwalkers in February 2019). You’ve long, long way from a galaxy.


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