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New State Mobile Receives “Siege Mode In Latest Update”

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In addition to the new standard, PowerMix introduced an updated version of New State Mobile today. Players now can choose the new “Siege Mode” option. Youfe mode is basically a chance for four players to meet and protect an area against a set of drones trying to capture it. They added the Station Map to RDM, and added some new items to ther Survivor Pass. We were able to get up the note below from the devs and the video showed off.

Credit: Krafton Inc.

  • Protect the Blue Zone against Androids in Siege Mode: The first PPV mode for New State Mobile, Siege Mode, is now available in New State Labs. There’ll be four players who should strategically fight AI-based Androids to protect the Blue Zone inhibitor. As soon as time passes the phase, a new phase begins and the Androids will become stronger than the previous phase. If the player is eliminated during the phase, they redeploy and will not wait until once the first steps begin, and the Androids will win the game if all of them are eliminated. The episode of Siege Mode is officially beginning.
  • Round Deathmatch vs. STATION:Players can play RDM in STATION now, which had previously only allowed Team Deathmatch (TDM). In reality, the player must win one in seven rounds; each round begins to shrink and it will break through three phases. Players have to destroy all opponent’s enemies in the map in the time it’s necessary to win.
  • A lightweight, but deadly MCX customization option was added to the MCX. The CMX’s firing sound lowers and the aim – slower speed as it moves in the light.
  • One can take advantage of SurvivorPass Vol. The Survivor Pass Vol. 14 introduces Red of the Justice Section! Players can find and read the origin of the French character and the justice faction through a story mission every week. Players who complete all stories can earn free Red’s facial cosmetic.


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