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New Two Persona 5 Joker Scale Figures Will Be Rereleased

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Kotobukiya and Atlus announced that two ARTFX J Persono 5 Joker figures made by Kotuki have been reproduced in Japan. The first is a storyteller-style character featuring Joker in his Phantom Thief outfit, and the second one of him on Persono 5-like clothes: Dancing in Starlight attire. The first order is now available until November 21. The figure will be released in May 2024. It will cost $15,950 yen ($106.46). The second pre-order will last until December 14, 2023. The official date of the release is June 2024. It costs 18150 yen ($121,13). They are both available on the Kotobukiya website.

The Joker figure, ARTFX J Persona 5 Protagonists, is one/8 reproduction of the main character in running poses. In the figure, Joker can both carry his mask and handgun. They have a base that looks like cracked glass.

You can see the example below of a J Persono 5 Protagonist Joker figure!

Video taken in Kotobukiya. Photograph from Kotobukiya. Image via Kotobukiya. Photo via Kotobukiya

While in the game, the figures Persona 5, Dancing in Starlight – Joker and Morgano dance together on stage. It has a base that looks like cracks in the glass.

Take a closer look at the figure ARTFX J Persone 5: Dance in Starlight Joker, right here.

Image via Kotobukiya. Photo via Kotobukiya, b.stl Image via Kotobukiya. Image from Kotobukiya. Image posted via Kotobukiya.

The figure 6 and the persona 5 protagonists (Pretty 3:12), or Personn 5), who’ll be on sale in October for 15 to 9 cent dollars. Persona 5 Royal is available on PS4, Xbox S5, DVD, Nintendo Switch and PC. Persona 5: Walking in Starlight is on PS4 and PSVite.

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