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New York: Duel Grand Balance Patch and More is live: Snacking, Guard

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The Grand Balance Patch for DNF Duel is available now, bringing sweeping changes to the basic gameplay mechanics and all of the characters. The number of HP and Guard Gauge increased almost all, and Dodge has reduced recovery even with an instant invulnerability upon activation, which is useful in handling projectile attacks.

It’s a tense thing: Berserker can now recover HP as well as existing white damage intact, whereas Frenzy can follow up on Awakening. Vanguard can now follow up Brandish with another attack and has increased attack interruptions. She can invulnerable against projectiles in the battle by jumping into a single ball.

This page looks like a list of the full notes below and the notes on here. DNF Duel is available for PS4, PS5 and PC, and a Nintendo Switch version will be available on March 20th, 2023. The first Season Pass is out next year. In addition, the new character Spectre is adding a new character to the roster.

[Ver.1.09] Patch Notes.

  • Dodge Reduced the recovery. To speed up the activation time in the case of hit, hit the chubby to ensure the speed. On the activated date to Invulnerability against Projectiles, put up a real, direct action immediately upon activating the skill.
  • Guard Cancel Attack Adjusted the return on the opponent in order to reduce the hits/guard frames.
  • Powerful operations.


  • HP jumped to 980 by 950.
  • The guard-lagge increased to 1.200 from 1050.
  • The White Damage was in order to recover the damage from the Awakening Effect. (Before: Recovered the existing White Life First.) Added Attack Increase effect. White-Life Damage, (Chip Damage) Increase effect.
  • Move from a sharp hit.
  • The Ghost Slash Expanded the hitbox. Increased the time when I hit with airborne air.
  • Upward Slash can be jumping canceled upon hit.
  • Ashe Fork The second hit can be combined against knocked down opponents.
  • Gore Cross: Expulsion Reduced the recovery.
  • The last hit puts the opponent to the extreme.
  • Bloodlust (Standard) Reduced the recovery after hit. Save time.
  • Bloodlust (During Frenzy) Cut down the recovery after hitting the shit. Time was increased to knock down.


  • HP is now up from 1000 to 100.
  • Guard Gauge increased to 1200 from 1050.
  • He jumped his hand when he was jumping. Add White Life Damage on Block (Chip Damage) Increase effect.
  • Convert the injury.
  • Standard B improved the recovery. Can connect with opponents pushed.
  • Crouching B pushed the recovery down.
  • Glitzer: Upper Can be canceled.
  • Brandish can be followed immediately by Inferno Charge, Crescent Slash and Behead upon activating the skill. There’s no cure in the cold, however.
  • The stress that drained prevented the treatment. Reduced the start-up for Invulnerability against Projectiles.
  • Behead -Saved recovery.
  • Earthshatter gave the recovery a boost. In addition to knockbacks, the second hit reduced the weight of the second hit. Wall bounces the opponent when the second strike hits.
  • The suffering caused the pain. After activating the skill, the upper body injury box was removed. The last hit was an end of the beginning. The hitbox of the last hit has expanded. The last attack catches the opponent’s head. The last hit caused more block stun. I climbed up the safety of the last hit.
  • Lunge Strike Expanded the shitbox.
  • The new York hitbox was expanded by the next. The number one hit increased the number of hits. You may cancel your flight if you hit.


  • HP increased to 950, from 900.
  • Guard Gauge increased to 1150 from 1000.
  • Awakening Effect Added Guard Gauge Added Three to damage.
  • White Life Damage increases effect.
  • Crushing Fist isn’t easy with different MP skills. On whiff, this is possible even if it’s impossible.
  • The recovery had not gone well.
  • Air Walk When hit, the opponent bounces harder off the ground.
  • Shadowless Kick A can be canceled if a hit occurs. The knockback level has fallen short.
  • Mountain Pusher can be canceled immediately upon the injury.
  • One Inch Punch Can be dash canceled.

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