New York Excelsior doubling down on plan to build a roster of marginalized-gender individuals


Even though the Overwatch League is pushing on its plans to build a roster based on players underrepresented in underrepresented genders, New York Excelsior has now taken a step forward with some key changes.

The management agreed to continue recruiting and signing players who identify as marginalized genders, according to the latest report from Dot Esports published by an affodilator.

Once again, the organization had to rely on a mix-gender roster to compete with its ranks. Two prominent names on the Overwatch Contenders scene, Riley cuFFa Brown and Steven Renko Saucedo, have hinted at signing with the New York team. This is in line with the new plan by Excelsior.

Signing cuFFa and Renko would give a tank and support to New York Excelsior, but there’s still some time remaining for the remainder of the team. A source has said that the team is still soliciting the gameplay and video reviews from players who are currently on the Path to Pro scene, especially players that are underrepresented.

The New York Excelsiors plan pointed out that players of marginalized genders might, if the player is not below the standards of the Overwatch League, have an impact of an otherwise shaky cliff. To play in the league, although it’s important to be represented in the league, it is a dangerous precedent to win.


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