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Next month, The Walking Dead: Destinies debuts on PlayStation

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Flux Games and GameMill Entertainment revealed that Walking Dead: Destinies is going to take place next month.

Stuff and Thangs about Walking Dead: Destinies.

The Walking Dead: Destinies will open November 17th, 2023 and ship on PlayStation5, Xbox4, X|S3, Xbox One 8, Nintendo Switches or PC via Steam for $49.99. The game’s physical edition starts December 1, 2023, PlayStation and Xbox 2 et January 16, 2024 on Nintendo Switch.

In this multi-person experience, you will wake up in a hospital and save the human flesh. Collect your allies and fight the Walker apocastrlypse across iconic locations from The Walking Dead to Atlanta, Greenery’y farm at Glock, Woodbury prison. In crucial decisions driven moments, you’ll forever predict the destiny of your team from this series. Heros and villainy, living or dead has to help you decide whether its time a long battle for history is your chance of survival.

This is a press release for the games. In particular, there are several key features which include:

  • The story of “The Walking Dead” sounds strange, but you have to weave into the events. He’s a villain, but he is dead.
  • Shoot, Bash & Shoot Undead: Slay the armour of walkers in third-person action with several weaponry and ranges including batgun (katanalia), revolver rifle) as well.
  • Take care of the ancient past, then take advantage for less resources; make use scares and ammo. Represent your friends at night!
  • Experience the Tension: Defense your camp, rescue survivors and fight through endless combat. You will never feel that you are the last person to survive in a broken state.

The Walking Dead: Destinies now available.

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