NextPit is downloading 5 new Android and iOS apps and lets you install them without hesitation


In my first few weeks of a year, I met up with NextPit. To choose between 5 mobile applications and games that were popular with Google Play and Apple’s plethora of free and paid apps.

I try to bring you the best app for each other in a week: personal data traps or microtransaction nests. As I know it, I add my own results, but it is better to add the apps identified by the NextPit community and shared in our forum that I invite you to talk with us about.

As per the application, mobile or productivity apps, here are NextPits 5 free and paid Android/iOS apps this week. We publish this selection for each week, and you can also follow my 5 apps from the last week’s guide.

Scribd (Android and iOS)

Scribd is an extremely recommended book service. It offers many ways that have you can tell your imagination. This application also allows you to read the downloaded books offline.

I’m completely satisfied. You can dive in digital books with Scribd for a few artisan lattes each month. In addition to classic e-books, you can also choose both audio and classic books.

Price: 99.99 per month / Advertising: No purchases for/In-app purchases: No purchases for/Accounts: Required.

Books are the window of the world, so start reading! / NextPit Next NextPit NextPit Next!

Charity Miles (Android & iOS) was invented.

Charity Miles is a mobile app and earns money for your choice whenever you get up on the couch and move quickly. You can run, walk or even ride a bike and that is a benefit for your health.

You can help others in need every time you take your dog for a walk or walk another block of road to work. It’s truly a win-win situation, with over 40 charities to choose from, many of which are changing the world.

You can use this application as well as your other running applications, and to keep your physical activity record at all.

No. 1 / Please add to your bill.

Take the more active life and change yourself, not only you, but also the world.

Skyscanner is iOS’s android platform.

Skyscanner is an all-in-one app that lets you check flights, book hotels, and pay for your car rental before you reach your destination. This is a proven app that takes the guesswork out of you.

There’s no need to book the same itinerary with multiple airlines and compare on your own, as Skyscanner presents all relevant information in a clear, concise, and readable manner. You will get to know you, if you ever have a record of your past travel.

As long as you use skyscanner as your main travel app, the more your memories are being recorded in your travel memories. It’s nice to find the list of places that you had been to in the year.

Prices: Free, but: Ad: Yes / App purchases: No / Account: Only required.

/ NextPit is offering the best deals on Skyscanner.

Habitica (Android and iOS) is a mobile phone program.

Habitica works on an avatar for appearance. From here you may find a list of activities and things you want to do to create a long-term habit.

If you manage to do that, you can unlock players’ credit, which you can use to buy better equipment and to dress up your character. It’ll become easier to amass pets as well as gold, which adds to the flavor of game.

The graphic has an 8-bit pixel art looks to them, which may be disconcerting to some, but that looks cute enough to keep playing!

Price: Free / Publications: Yes / In-App purchases: Yes / Account: Required / Publications: Yes / Accounts: Required / Publications: Yes / Advertising: Yes / In-App purchases: Yes / Account: Required.

It is time to drew yourself by gamifying your lives when it comes to creating a habit! / NextPit NextNext!

Calm (Android & iOS)

Calm is an application for exercise, relaxation and sleep. This app aims to help you manage stress, change the mood, sleep better and focus your attention on right things.

You need to get started, and the annual fee isn’t insignificant, but what will the price of your individual well-being be, particularly in the physical and mental health? There are a number of guided meditation programs to follow following if you are in any mood or as a goal, including breathing and stretching.

You can even climb on the recommended tracks and listen to the corresponding recommendation track, while taking an autobiographical journey and discovering the happier being.

Purchases by Free / Advertising: No / In-App purchases: Yes / Accounts Required / Purchasing, or the need to pay by US / any other person / / Taxi / Advertising: / Any person, with your permission.

Bring to a tranquil life with Calm.

What do you think about our selection this week? Did you find any other cool apps or games on Google Play Store or Apple App Store?


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