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Niantic is making Pokémon Go bans to players using XL Candy exploit

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Niantic cracks off Pokemon Go players who have been using a crafty exploit to eat up to 120 XL of Candy in Days. The company currently bans the involved, with sanctions ranging from 30 days to permanent.

The exploit allowed players to build a route and use two external applications, OP Auto Clicker and GPS Joystick, to manipulate their devices GPS to take over the track repeatedly to the end of the route, breaking the limit.

It wasn’t something that many players have done because of the difficult situation. But those who confirmed their bans on Aug. 28 would delight the community, and believing that anyone who did it should receive a permanent ban regardless of how often it’s repeated.

Although everyone praised the move, some also used it as an opportunity to express how difficult it is to find a route.

All the people are exploiting routes already and yet it’s only one of the many sites that I found by my house going through a few kids’ houses, said a player. I haven’t even found one route, and I live in a city with almost a million people in it, adding another.

Its not their only strength with this new feature, either. There has also been criticism from players for lacking incentive rewards, being too scarce in most areas and having a bad design, and more.

None of these problems have yet been answered. But the community will at least be assured, knowing that Niantic isn’t allowing those who don’t have access to Routes to exploit them to gain unfair advantage over others.

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