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Nic Cage esquires Ari Aster and A24 in an all-american film About a professor that is possible in Every’s Dream

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The brutally absurd Mandy, to the absurdly hyphendive The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, has given cinematic treats to the public over the last few years. The scene-chewing actors continue to feel good to see what he will do in the movie Dream Scenario, titled, being captured and revealed – but it was a bit surprising to us, as well.

A24 darling Ari Aster (who is born and living by birth) steps away from the camera and became a producer, leaving the writing and the filming reins in the world of Norwegian filmmaker Kristoffer Borgli. He starts his English language debut in Dream Scenario.

The film, billed as a comedy and set to be wrapped in a late December film, stars Cage as an aging professor who appears one night in everyone’s dream, becoming an immediately known celebrity. A strong cast includes Michael Cera, Julianne Nicholson, and Tim Meadows. The details of the movie plot haven’t been kept under wraps, as well as all the characters’ names and the exact date of release.

Cage appears almost unrecognizable in the first photos released from the set. That is the balding, spectacled, bearded protagonist in quintessential professor trappings. While a good actor isn’t always intentional, the joint effort with Aster, the prestigious A24, and the already-proven strong writing by Borgil are poised to utilise Cages strengths in the right way.

Dream Scenario is a notch, in both A24 and his impressive catalog, and a revitalized career of Nic Cages. The film will come out in 2024.


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