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Nightdives System Shock Remake is Hitting PC and Consoles this March

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If you want to go on the table for this The System Shock remake comes to a very high standard in March.

As seen by PureXbox, Nightdive Studios confirmed their System Shock remake will arrive in March of this year. Why is the surprise? Because the remake has a jiffy past, the reason for the misjudgment has been to blame.

It was announced back in 2015, but struck multiple snags and delays. Nightdive Studios put the project on hold at a point where they felt they would stray too far from the original vision of the games. According to an update posted in the Games Kickstarter (which was launched in 2016):

After returning to Gamescom, we were hesitant to share anything so that they wouldn’t spoil any other surprises we had. We’ve already got some last thoughts before the launch window, beginning March 2023.

This post, which is excellent to read, gives a sense of the game’s progress, including the addition of an enemy species that has been re-added to the game. And, as of now, the computer demo looks pretty good. With huge fans of the original, we enjoyed the modern day look at the sci-fi survival horror.

And yet, really coming out in March 2023? We would like to believe this, which is why we resisted the urge to keep.. so that they might stick to this article. Although the remake was announced seven years ago, there was some cynicism.

We have the feeling that Nightdive Studios really dished off some more than they could chew on this remake. One moment ago they juggled the remake with System Shock 3, although the latter has now left their hands. We absolutely want to believe they will deliver the remake March, and that’ll be all we hoped for. We’re not saving up our pennies yet.

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