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Nintendo DS: What’s your blood type? The absurd firmware request in Alpha’s racial question is a simple one

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After showing the display of the 2016 Nintendo Switch prototype, the curators of the Forest of Illusion platform disclosed an absurd detail, which emerged from the 0.40615 version of the Nintendo DS firmware.

In fact, the managers of the Museum dedicated to the conservation of video games and consoles of the past explain that they have received the Test version of the most original Nintendo DS firmware. The software, called the Multi-Screen Logic, is the set of the Kyoto home, says the Forest of Illusion team, and includes settings for the blood group selection!

The integration of this unusual parameter, as well as easily foreseeable, would have caused lots of discontent (and many doubts) among the purchasers of the first hour of Nintendo DS, both because of the annoying privacy intrusion of user’s who would’ve occurred due to the objective uselessness of such information to videogame purposes.

Yet, in the discussion fueled by the discovery on social media, there are people who remember how in the time, Japanese technology companies used to introduce the blood group to the parameters and standard information required by their users to configure newly purchased electronic devices. Nintendo chose to abandon this all-Japanese custom for the global launch of the DS and its subsequent stationary and portable consoles. From the future that are going to enlighten us, the GIbiz boss reflections on the Nintendo Switch, that will re-create the game.

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