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Nintendo: Next edition in just a few days?

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Recently, Nintendo bought a special direct edition of DS, that focused solely on Super Mario Bros. The next edition of the video format could – which will then be more broadly based – come our way.

Just a few days after Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct, Nintendo would be able to eat the next Direct conference. If the Japanese continue to concentrate at 2023 and beginning 2024, they may concentrate.

First of all, there’s the reliable leaker Nate the Heat, who promises the next Direct issue soon in a tweet. If the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct doesn’t have to exclude another direct episode in principle, then there’s no need for the real disaster. This whole thing would also be the same as Nintendos usual schedule, the Japanese of the past several years forming a direct conference in September.

It’s very soon.

NateTheHate1 (@nateTheHate2) September 1st 2023

The Brazilian website Universo Nintendo claims to have learned that such a presentation is already planned for sometime next week, i.e. between September 11th and September 15. The scope of the exhibition, i.e. whether the focus is a mini-show or something else, is still unclear.

What could’ve been shown? Sonic Superstars is scheduled for October 17th and will probably be shown again. Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection will be released on October 24th, and it’ll be possible to appear on the other hand. The following are some of the others in the year: Star Ocean: The Second Story RPG, WarioWare: The Movie It! and the Super Mario RPG. The expansion to Pokemon Scarlet/Violet will also be planned for autumn 2023.

The absolute highlight of the event would probably be a surprise to Metroid Prime 4 or a first appearance of the successor console to the Switch. Or is that going to happen like that? We need to learn more about that in a few days.

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