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Nintendo reportedly worked on VR headset with Google

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VR is in deep trouble, but a good release from Nintendo could change it.

Virtual reality is at an important time. With this moving, the effects of change will show up on the arrival of an amazing player, Mario.

Rumors swirl around the rumor suggest that the game giant could begin its arc-tech expansion in the VR market. Which source is that? Nash Weedle, a leaker with proven track record, has announced it was expected to release Metroid Dread a year before the Nintendo Switch hit the market.

According to the same source, Nintendo isn’t just planning to work on an interactive VR headset. It’s already begun testing the prototype.

While there is rumour that Nintendo was collaborating with Google on a VR Headset byu/TotallyNotAMeanGuy, inGamingLeaks andReumours a standalone headset byu.

A keen Redditor found a patent filed by Nintendo in November 2022, so that consoles can interact with VR headsets. While patents are misleading, this piece of intel reinforces the rumor. Nevertheless, this rumor does not exist anywhere but one can argue with us that he’s a new venture with Google. It is believed that the headset is powered by micro-LED displays, the technology used to develop Raxium, a company that fetched a million dollars last year. This display will save energy and cost while the device is running. The indirect link to Google sparked speculation about its rumored XR operating system, which could see daylight with this partnership.

Nintendo is likely to adopt VR. The intent of a campaign is clear – they aren’t aiming to rival the behemoths like Apple’s Vision Pro, but rather, they’re starting to focus on devices like Meta Quest. Besides, it isn’t like Nintendo is entirely new to VR. The company released the Virtual Boy 3D console back in 1995, which, while not a full-fledged VR device, showcased 3D gameplay. In the past, Nintendo introduced the Labo VR Kit for its Switch and brought some VR to its users.

Historically, Nintendo’s forays into the industry often innovated, bucking trends and created waves in the industry. A modern approach is not seen, but it is reflected in the way the Nintendo Switch did, with the help of handheld consoles like the Steam and the Rolling Stone, and the Lenovo GO.

Nintendo’s gaming experience could do a lot of good in the gaming industry.

Envision playing the iconic Japanese titles like Pokemon Snap, Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda in immersive VR. It’s not just about playing, it’s about living the game.

The story is thrilling, but not everyone bought it. Some argue that since Nintendo has showcased interest in the industry by making ventures such as Pikmin Bloom and Labo, the company could delay the launch of a full-blown VR console until it continues to resonate with the masses. Others wonder whether Nintendo’s magic touch can convince the casual crowd to VR, perhaps with a flagship VR game.

A Nintendo is not a good person to learn from his mistakes. The Virtual Boy and Labo VR Kit serving as the guide for the VR industry could revolutionize the industry. Despite being very sketchy to partner with Google – the tech giant has experience of providing sporadic support – Nintendo can use its usual magic touch to give away a jolt of electricity that the VR industry needs.

Nintendo has the most beautiful consoles of all time.

Of course, real reality is that Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this yet. In fact, past statements from Nintendo reflect a cautious approach. The company wanted to explore VR but was waiting for the right moment for their audiences to get involved with it. And while Google might seem oddly partner, the tech world is full of surprises.

If the whispers are true, the Nintendo entry might be the harbinger of a new golden age in VR.

Even though for now, fans can watch the release of the PS5-like Nintendo Switch 2, which recently sold at Gamescom 2023 in locked doors. The next-generation Nintendo console will release by Spring 2024.

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