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Nintendo Switch 2 leak claims PS5-like quality for Final Fantasy VII Remake

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It’s been quite some time since we saw a new Nintendo Switch. The original model went on sale in late 2017 and rumors suggest a successor might be arriving in the second half of 2024. While there’s time, a new leak is here with some exciting information about the alleged Nintendo Switch 2.

A noted leaker known as “Im A Hero Too” has revealed a number of new details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 on Reddit. The most notable is that Final Fantasy VII Remake “looks and runs like a PS5 game on the Switch 2 devkit.” The leaker also said that the porting process for the game was quick and easy.

While there are rumors that the Switch 2’s hardware could be on par with the PS4, the claim that it will be powerful enough to run Final Fantasy VII Remake as well as the PS5 might not sound very convincing.

Further, the leaker confirmed that backward compatibility has been tested on a few games. He also corroborated previous claims about Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits being released and that the console will deal with a “new cartridge”.

There has also been talk of a new “camera feature.” As NoteBookCheck points out, augmented reality (AR) is rumored to be an interactive feature coming to the Switch 2, so the presence of a camera won’t be as surprising.

Separately, Im A Hero Too claims that another Sonic game is coming out next year, along with Jet Set Radio, Comix Zone, and a new Guardian Heroes game (though he is not sure about the release date for this one).

Nintendo has yet to confirm that a next-gen console from the company is actually in the works. Considering the original Nintendo Switch was launched 7 years back, you can expect its successor to come with major hardware improvements. In any case, it’s best to take the leaks with a pinch of salt.


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