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No more awaited – New Years promise could finally see xQc host his 90-day Twitch subathon

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Since the late XQcs, the much anticipated Twitch subathon was the subject of ongoing investigation. It had to happen in June 2021, but he delayed that in order to get the most of revenue in the coming months. The star juicer suffered sleep problems throughout the year, and felt that it would affect the stream.

Even though there was delay in the delay, xQc kicked off his stream on Jan. 2 by showing his new years resolutions for 2023 and one is hosting the subathon that he has already been talking about for years.

If it doesn’t end up happening, then it’ll be three quarters of the year (presumably because of the same reason as 2021: increased ad revenue) and it’ll be capped at 90 days.

Here are some 2023 New Year Resolutions. What kind of goals would you try to achieve this year? https://t.co/o1mJWweUW9 pic.twitter.com/dQCEjtiSCr.

XQcUpdates (@xQcUpdates) January 3, 2023

More than 20 XQcs resolutions are called more “things in life”: stream more, hosting a podcast, streaming more IRL content, finally getting his driver’s license, exercising more and eating better.

Only time will tell whether or not he can achieve some or all of these, but if not, the Twitch subathon is perhaps the easiest to do because of the number of hours he fumbled in. Since it’s popular, there’s very little chance it will get bigger in 2021 than Ludwigs 31-day sub-athon and break his record of making most subscribers at any time of the year.

It’s all going to take six months to nine months. It means that longer delays could be available, depending on the way things really come out, particularly based on the track record.

Nevertheless, anticipation and excitement are beginning to boil over.

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