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No one has already set foot on Mars, but anyone can tell the name of the man there there

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NASA launched an expedition to the Red Planet in order to promote a future manned mission. The names of registered volunteers and the selection of campaign participants will be recorded on a microchip and sent to Mars along with an expedition. NASA honestly warns not participants don’t get access to the summer cottage on Mars.

The first satellite image, Send Your Name to Mars, passes from the NASA image.

NASA had previously conducted a similar campaign with the same name, with 10 out of 332 a.m. the world at the same time registering 10,000 o’clock ninety-two hundred people. Their names, along with 155 essays of the NASA Name the Mars Rover contest, were laser-etched onto three fingernail-sized silicon chips and attached to a Perseverance rover. The rover has spent almost 936 Earth days on the Jezero Crater for water and lifesy.

The two black chips show 1,2 million names.

The current iteration of the Send Your Name to Mars program of the NASA’s jet line came after many requests from people who missed the opportunity to send their names to Mars. There is now a link to the registration page for this campaign. You can also use that name to get a list of your names. It has also been revealed that in the future, this will go to Mars, too. NASA assures that your name is going to go to Mars on the next NASA mission, in the mid-2020s. The Spacecraft hasn’t yet been identified, but we’re currently collecting names that will eventually be placed on the spacecraft traveling to Mars.

This application will be a final approval process. During registration, automatic filters are used to block unapproved words or phrases and display a No Flight message. That’s right, the choice to call yourself the Lord of the Galaxy and repeat this name on the Red Planet is hardly possible. Besides, subsequently, the name should be examined by the agency’s experts before making a final decision.

The editor of 3DNews.ru may fly to Mars.

NASA has launched other programmes to encourage space exploration and engage the public, such as Message in a Bottle for the Europa Clipper mission to Jupiter planned for 2024, and sending names to the Moon aboard the artemis1 spacecraft in 2022.

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