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Now you can sync your Philips Hue bulbs with your TV using an app that only costs… $130

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Being able to sync your Philips Hue lights with the content you’re watching on your display seems pretty fancy. Until now, this was possible using external peripherals like the Philips Hue Play Sync Box with some limitations and a hefty price tag of $250. Now, Signify — the owner of Philips Hue lights — has developed an app that lets you do the same, with a few upgrades.

Unlike the Play Sync Box, this new Hue Sync TV app will be able to deliver all picture formats and TV content, including streaming apps such as Netflix and Disney+. Users will be able to manage the light intensity and brightness of the ambient lights, automatic activation and more.

Signify has confirmed that the app is compatible with its other lighting accessories, such as the Hue Play light bar and Hue Play strips. However, you need to own Samsung’s 2022 QLED TVs, essentially the Q60 and above. Signify has not yet confirmed if this is a timed exclusivity and if the app will expand in the future to cover additional brands and their hardware.

However, all of these current features come with a hefty price tag. The app costs $129.99, which is significant because you only pay for the software. You need to have compatible hardware before you purchase the app. However, only time will tell if this is too high a price for customers in this market segment.

source: The Verge


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